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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed May 26, 2010 2:21 am

The Balance Beam is a community of friends with a common goal of discussing old gymnastics! To that end, we want to make sure discourse remains civil and family friendly.

  • Do not use bad language. We may have kids on here at some point, if we don't already. I've set the censor to catch the most obscene words, but I will edit out any cursing/profanity. I'll overlook an occasional expletive, but if you seem to have a habit of using them, expect to hear from a moderator.

  • Do not flame or otherwise attack other members or anyone else for any reason. Generally, do not act like a boor.

  • Political discussions are not allowed.

  • Be sure to link to outside articles you quote from. Context is very important.

  • Limit yourself to 8 emoticons per post; there's no software limit but I will edit any overage down to 8. Posts are too busy if there are too many emotes.

  • Spamming/advertising is not allowed. I have no patience with spammers, so you will be banned immediately and permanently. However, you are allowed to promote your own forum or website related to gymnastics.

  • Respect the moderators and any decisions they may make in that capacity. If you feel that a moderator is behaving inappropriately, DO NOT post in public about it. Contact me or another moderator privately.

  • Above all, try to remain civilized!

And for all multimedia, know the copyrights. If you don't own something, don't post it unless you have permission from the owner. I can't be checking up on every video or photo, but I will look into any complaints received. YouTube videos are exempt since copyright issues are dealt with within YouTube. But be careful of copyrighted footage in your own montages, for instance.

Also (and this should be obvious), do not post any porn, NSFW pics, or links to the same.

Users who break any rule(s) will be warned via private message. Repeat offenders will be banned at my or a moderator's discretion.

These rules are subject to change at my discretion.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Internal board email for thepianist
PM thepianist


Hi! You are visiting a forum dedicated to the old school. For modern gym discussion, feel free to step on over to the Gymnastics United board!

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Forum Rules

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